Media preferences of the target audience

Key benefits from research

The key benefit from the research is reducing business costs. Knowing the media preferences of the target audience, you can select only the necessary advertising channels and reduce the advertising budget while maintaining or even increasing the number of advertising contacts. In some cases, advertising costs are reduced by 2 times.

Opportunities of the method

Today we often have to deal with ineffective advertising placement. A striking example is the promotion of servers using street billboards. Of course, this gives a certain result, but not the maximum possible.

In order to effectively spend marketing funds to attract the target audience, it is necessary to identify its media preferences. There is a certain type of marketing research for this. In BCGroup's practice, we have encountered only a few companies with effective marketing. The remaining companies received no more than 40-70% of the maximum possible effect from their advertising and marketing activities.

Effective distribution of the marketing budget allows you to increase recognition rates and increase the company’s market share.

Sample size and timeline

The minimum size of a representative sample for such projects per region is 400 questionnaires. By region we mean any territory for which separate analytics is required (this could be, for example, a city or country). In cases where it is necessary to separately consider and compare data from, for example, 2 regions, the minimum sample is 800 questionnaires. The minimum period for such a survey is 1 business day.

Cost of marketing research

The cost of a project to identify the media preferences of the target audience consists of the cost of collecting a selected number of questionnaires (payment is taken only for fully completed questionnaires) and the cost of analytics (usually no more than 10-15% of the cost of data collection)

You can calculate the cost of one questionnaire yourself using our calculator (you will need to enter the number of open and closed questions in the questionnaire, quotas)

The cost of such a study is from 2000 £ (the cost is indicated for a minimum sample).

Sample report


Description of the approach to target audience research

Marketing research of this type involves conducting a survey of the target audience. As part of the survey, representatives of the target audience select the most frequently used channels for obtaining information: the Internet, television, print media, street advertising and others.

Next, the focus for each of the selected channels is clarified: for example, the focus of sites (news, social networks and others). In relation to the selected sources of communication, the most frequently visited Internet sites, radio stations, television channels and programs, etc. are indicated.

This creates an array of data, through the analysis of which it is possible to identify the most popular channels of communication with the desired audience in general and by segment.

Process of research

BCGroup's work on identifying media preferences is structured as follows:

1. A BCGroup specialist clarifies the reasons that necessitated such a study and understands the current situation;
2. A BCGroup specialist agrees with the customer on the final version of the survey questionnaire;
3. BCGroup specialists conduct a survey of representatives of the target audience (possible survey of up to 5,000 people per day);
4. Next, the BCGroup employee transfers the data array to the customer’s representative in Excel or SPSS format;
5. After 5-10 days, a BCGroup employee sends an analytical report to the customer based on the results of the satisfaction assessment (sample reports)

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