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Independent research agency BCGroup

BCGroup marketing research agency is a research agency specializing in collecting fresh data, big data and its analysis, as well as calculating indicators and indices, surveys in 146 countries around the world. The agency helps identify market opportunities and growth points for companies and startups in B2C, B2B, B2G, C2B, C2B areas.

When communicating with company specialists, no professional knowledge in the field of research is required. The main thing is to describe the business problem in free form, and BCGroup employees will propose the methodology and research design. Based on the research results, the Customer receives options for solving the original business problem and applicable business recommendations.

We are glad that thanks to joint projects, our customers make the right management decisions, and client marketers receive awards for BCGroup research projects..

BCGroup's main competitive advantage is a high level of competence in marketing analytics and the use of international experience in working on projects. The company carries out more than 200 projects annually. Telephone surveys are conducted on the basis of our own CAWI servers, located in EU, and CATI studio (50 interviewers, live and robotic): up to 45 thousand questionnaires are collected and processed per month.

Few research agencies can boast of their own developments in the field of marketing research. Marketing companies, as a rule, are limited to a standard set of analytics for all types of projects. BCGroup is included in a limited list of organizations that have special professional achievements. Thus, the agency’s specialists developed their own matrix to assess the attractiveness of the market. Popular areas include assessing capacity and market share, assessing brand awareness and health, assessing satisfaction using NPS, CSI methods, and also using Noriaki Kano’s approach.

«BCGroup» — is a research agency, surveys in 146 countries, whose assistance allows:

  • - Make smart decisions in marketing, management and investment;
  • - Reduce risks when releasing a new product or entering new markets;
  • - Forecast demand for new products and market development as a whole;
  • - Leverage the rich experience of other brands in management and marketing;
  • - Moving to a new level for small business.

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