New shopping and entertainment center

Shopping center

Last year, BCGroup carried out a study of the demand for a shopping and entertainment center in one of the cities of Finland.

The key tasks set by the Client to the BCGroup research agency included:

  • assessment of the frequency of trips to Finland for the purpose of shopping;
  • estimate of average travel costs;
  • estimate of average costs for purchases, food, accommodation;
  • identifying interest in the proposed list of brands;
  • assessment of demand for additional services within the shopping center.

An online survey was used as a data collection method. As part of the study, 1,000 residents of the region were interviewed.

Trips to Finland are popular for residents, both for shopping and for relaxing with family/friends. The average travel costs for all respondents fall within the same price range. The study made it possible to collect the necessary information to forecast demand from residents of the region under study.

For privacy reasons, we cannot provide specific brands and numbers.

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