Theme amusement park

Theme amusement park

As part of this study, an assessment of the demand for theme entertainment parks of various types was carried out in three neighboring regions.

The study was conducted to assess the market readiness for the construction of a large entertainment park by a well-known developer.

The objectives of the study included:

  • determining the composition of theme park services that are in demand by the population of the main and neighboring regions;
  • consumer preferences of topics: children's, sports, religious and others;
  • determining optimal pricing for a number of theme park services;
  • forecasting demand for theme park services in general and by area.

Data collection is carried out using an online survey of 3,000 residents of three regions. Based on the results of the survey, a list of the most popular services was also compiled, which was subsequently used in developing the concept of this park.

For privacy reasons, we cannot provide specific brands and numbers.

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