Construction of outlets of the world famous fastfood operator


At the end of last year, the research agency BCGroup conducted a study of the development features of the fast food market (the “fast food” segment) in one of the large cities.

The purpose of the study was to identify trends in the development of the public catering market in the fast food segment.

Research objectives:

  • review of the city's fast food market;
  • identification of market leaders;
  • analysis of current financial performance indicators of the main market players;
  • analysis of consumers and the characteristics of their behavior and preferences;
  • assessing the potential of opening a new fast food establishment;
  • risk assessment of opening a new fast food establishment.

The sample size was 1200 respondents. Data were obtained using personal and online survey methods. In addition, desk research and measurements of patency were carried out.

The results of the study made it possible to assess the feasibility of the global network entering the city market.

For privacy reasons, we cannot provide specific brands and numbers.

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