Large pharmaceutical distributor

Large pharmaceutical distributor

For several years, the research agency BCGroup has been conducting a tracking project: a survey of pharmacy managers’ satisfaction with the work of the main pharmaceutical distributors (medicine suppliers).

The purpose of this tracking is to track the dynamics of the quality of work of competitors and obtain information for the development of the company.

As part of the tracking project, the work of distributors is assessed according to the following parameters:

  • satisfaction with the supplier’s work as a whole;
  • operator work;
  • work of a manager;
  • work of a freight forwarder;
  • warehouse operation;
  • work with electronic document management and so on.

In addition to the general assessment of the level of satisfaction, the study identifies a leader in each of the parameters. The survey is conducted using telephone and online survey methods in more than 45 regions.

The respondents are decision makers on the purchase of medicines, most often pharmacies managers.

Annual measurements allow you to monitor indicators over time and adjust the work of company departments.

For privacy reasons, we cannot provide specific brands and numbers.

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