Chemical concentrates

Chemical concentrates

Last year, the research agency BCGroup conducted a study of 20 consumer markets of polymer and paints and varnishes.

The purpose of this study was to study the development of consumer markets to develop a strategy for the further development of one of the world giants of the chemical industry.

The objectives of the study included:

  • assessment of market capacity in general and in individual regions;
  • competitive analysis: market shares of competitors, their financial performance;
  • assessment of market consolidation (monopolization);
  • assessment of the share of government orders in the markets under consideration.

Desk research and expert interviews were used as methods for collecting information.

As part of the study, the following markets were analyzed:

  • production of dry construction mixtures;
  • production of automotive components;
  • civil construction market;
  • production of polymer films for the food and agricultural industries.
  • production of soft drinks;
  • production of foam products;
  • applying road markings;
  • production of products for yachts and ships made of composite;
  • confectionery industry;
  • injection molding;
  • car wash services;
  • hard surface cleaning services;
  • dairy industry;
  • food concentrates;
  • polymer concrete;
  • pultrusion;
  • fish processing;
  • textured paints;
  • chemical anchors;
  • processing of slip-improving polymers

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