Construction of a microcity


Last year, a large-scale study of the construction market was carried out.

The goal that was set for the research agency BCGroup is to assess the interest of the target audience in the construction of a micro-city for the IT community.

The set of research objectives included:

  • assessment of effective demand in the residential real estate market of the agglomeration at present;
  • defining a portrait of the target audience that forms the demand for housing in the region;
  • assessment of the elasticity of demand for housing by income;
  • identification of factors influencing the decision to purchase real estate in the region, detailing the factors by target audience;
  • study of population migration activity and readiness to change place of residence;
  • identifying the unmet needs of Moscow residents for a quality urban environment and quality housing;
  • definition of a portrait of an “ideal home”;
  • determining the impact of various infrastructure facilities on the value of housing;
  • assessment of the attractiveness of the microcity concept for the population of the region, etc.

The methods of collecting information were an online survey of community representatives, as well as focus groups

During the study, the necessary data was obtained to develop a strategy for promoting a new micro-city.

For privacy reasons, we cannot provide specific brands and numbers.

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